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Routine meeting of the CRA Committee. Minutes.

The CRA letter of support for the planning application by the Wanstead Society for the use of the Evergreen Field (2254/12).

Minutes/notes of the meeting between the CRA and the Wanstead Society to discuss agree the joint strategy regarding the Public Inquiry for Chepstow schemes 2 and 3 (3398/08 and 2393/09).

A letter from the CRA and WS requesting details of the revised plans.

An email from Redbridge with details of the new Conservation Officer.

A letter from Harry Cohen MP to Redbridge supporting the call by the CRA and Wanstead Society for the granting of a conservation area.

A letter from the Wanstead Society to Redbridge detailing their objections to the second scheme for Chepstow.

A letter from Redbridge to the Wanstead Society stating they are too busy to consider any earlier.

A letter from the Wanstead Society to Redbridge Planning and Regeneration requesting a speedier consideration of the Conservation Area status for the Counties and/or Grove Estates.

A speech by the Wanstead Society requesting that the Counties Estate (and adjacent roads) be granted Conservation Area status.