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A newspaper article detailing a shortful on affordable housing in London.

A newspaper article detailing affordable housing development within London.

A letter printed in the newspaper complaining about a previous letter from Ken Livingston (Mayor of London) regarding Redbridge’s failure to provide affordable housing.

A newspaper article detailing that a change in the law regarding affordable housing has been used by Redbridge to refuse permission for the first scheme for Chepstow (0619/07).

A newpaper article stating Harry Cohen MP has called on Redbridge Planning to listen more closely to its residents regarding planning applications.

A newspaper article detailing a poor response by Redbridge Planning to a Freedom of Information request.

A letter to the newspaper asking for advice about what to do after your planning application is refused permission under delegated powers.

A newspaper article detailing the CRA’s opposition to the first scheme for Chepstow (0619/07).

A newspaper article stating that the draft Wanstead Village Conservation Area document has been submitted.

A magazine article with a history of Wanstead.