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An email with initial proposals for the use of the £5000 Section 106 funds from the Chepstow development for the enhancement of Buttercup Field.

CRA meet with Marc Dorfman (Head of Planning and Regeneration) from Redbridge. Minutes.

Meeting with Vincent Mayer of Redbridge Planning (Head of Development Control). Minutes.

A letter of response from Redbridge Planning into the planning issues (Section 106 and Repetitive Planning Applications) raised by the CRA in a report to the Redbridge Regulatory Committee.

Routine meeting of the CRA Committee. Minutes.

A letter to Harry Cohen MP with a general update on local issues.

A report by the CRA to the Redbridge Regulatory Committee into issues including Section 106 and Repetitive Planning Applications.

An email from Redbridge Planning with information to our Section 106 request.

A second letter to Redbridge requesting information on Section 106 rules and results.

A letter to Redbridge Planning regarding the rules of and the results from Section 106.