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Routine meeting of the NHW Area Coordinators. Minutes.

Routine meeting of the CRA Committee. Minutes.

A WaSRA Newsletter calling all to action to save Wanstead Police Station.

Routine meeting of the CRA Committee. Minutes.

A series of documents produced by the Met Police analysing the usage patter of Redbridge police stations and their proposal to close stations. Briefing document Data pack Feedback form.

A letter from the London Borough of Redbridge acknowledging receipt of the petition to retain Wanstead Police Station and detailing the action LBR will take as a result.

Various letters from the London Borough of Redbridge and WaSRA supporting the retention of Wanstead Police Station. LBR to Boris Johnson here, LBR to MPS Commander here, WaSRA to London Assembly here.

A newspaper article covering the potential closue of Wanstead Police Station. Online link here.

A WaSRA speech to the London Borough of Redbridge Council regarding the saving of Wanstead Police Station from closure. Informal meeting notes are also provided. The speech was also used by the Wanstead Village Directory in their monthly publication here.

Informal meeting notes of the special Area 1 meeting to discuss the proposed closure of Wanstead Police Station.