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Routine meeting of the CRA Committee. Minutes.

A letter from Councillor Burgess stating that the Area 1 Committee continue to seek conservation status for the Counties Estate.

A newspaper article stating that the draft Wanstead Village Conservation Area document has been submitted.

A letter from Redbridge Conservation Officer to Councillor Burgess rejecting the need to confer Conservation Status on the Counties Estate.

A memo from Councillor Burgess to Marc Dorfmann asking for an update on the consideration of Conservation Area status for the Counties Estate.

A newspaper article highlighting concerns regarding the threats to the old Grove House Gazebo and Card House located in the rear gardens of properties on The Avenue. Online link here.

A letter from the Wanstead Society on various issues.

A response from the Redbridge Conservation Officer to the CRA request for the granting of a Conservation Area.

Inception meeting of the CRA. Minutes.

An email to Redbridge Conservation Officer requesting a Conservation Area be granted.