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The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Counties Residents’ Association will be held on 8th July 2013, starting at 7.30pm at our usual venue of the Snaresbrook Cricket and Football Club on Nutter Lane. Minutes

Our email to Councillor Alex Wilson listed our objection to the additional corner double yellow lines proposed throughout the Counties Estate.

A letter from the CRA to Councillor Wilson detailing our concerns over the planning system.

A letter printed in the newspaper suggesting that developers (specifically Telford Homes in relation to Chepstow) should listen to the views of local residents.

An email of thanks to Councillor Alex Wilson for his support at the Regulatory Committee.

An email from Councillor Alex Wilson accepting our invitation to attend our CRA/WS strategy meeting for Chepstow second scheme.

An email to Councillor Alex Wilson inviting him to the CRA/WS strategy meeting for the Chepstow second scheme.