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A newsletter detailing the amendments to the second scheme for Chepstow.

An email to Redbridge Planning seeking confirmation of Objection Dates and Supporting Documentation for the amended second scheme for Chepstow.

A notice from Redbridge Planning detailing an amendment to the second Chepstow scheme.

Revised drawings for the amended second scheme for Chepstow. (NB very large file 22mb!).

A letter from CGMS (Telford’s Agent) covering the issue of new drawings for the revised second scheme for Chepstow.

Routine meeting of the CRA Committee. Minutes.

A letter printed in the newspaper suggesting that developers (specifically Telford Homes in relation to Chepstow) should listen to the views of local residents.

A newspaper article detailing Councillor Alex Wilson’s speech at the Redbridge Regulatory Committee in opposition to the second scheme for Chepstow (3398/08).

An email from Redbridge Planning confirming that residents will be reconsulted.

An email to Redbridge requesting reconsultation regardless of the quantity of amendments.