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An email to Councillor Christopher Cummins requesting that there be an additional CAP meeting to consider the reports from English Heritage and the Redbridge Conservation Team.

The CRA speech to the Conservation Advisory Panel regarding the amendments to the second application for Chepstow.

An email to the Area 1 councillors advising them that Chepstow/CRA will feature in an article in the Sunday Times regarding English Heritage’s Conservation Area Campaign.

An email to English Heritage indicating that CGMS/Telford Homes are claiming English Heritage were consulted and happy with the amendments to the second Chepstow scheme.

A letter to English Heritage providing the CRA views of the amended plans for the second Chepstow scheme.

A report from the Redbridge Conservation Team with their thoughts regarding the amended second Chepstow scheme.

An email to Harry Cohen MP with a general update of issues regarding Chepstow.

An email to Redbridge requesting to speak at CAP.

An email from Redbridge Planning that the amended second Chepstow scheme will be heard on the Conservation Advisory Panel on 22/6/2009.

An email to Redbridge seeking confirmation of when the amended design of Chepstow will be heard at the Conservation Advisory Panel.