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An email to English Heritage indicating the unauthorised works on the Chepstow site.

A newsletter detailing the final Regulatory Committee meeting for the decision on the second application for Chepstow.

Routine meeting of the CRA Committee. Minutes.

CRA Press Release regarding unauthorised work at Chepstow ahead of Regulatory Committee decision.

A complaint to Redbridge regarding unauthorised work at the Chepstow site.

A notice from Redbridge Planning confirming that the Regulatory Committee will reconsider the amended second planning application for Chepstow on 20/7/2009.

AGM of the CRA. Minutes.

An email from Councillor Christopher Cummins suggesting that there is no need for an additional CAP meeting; the seperate reports from the various bodies is better.

An email to Councillor Christopher Cummins requesting that there be an additional CAP meeting to consider the reports from English Heritage and the Redbridge Conservation Team.

The CRA third letter of objection to the (amended) second planning application for Chepstow.