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A CRA letter to the Inspector of the Public Inquiry into the second and third schemes for Chepstow (3398/08 and 2393/09) indicating minor design modifications which would be acceptable to the Wanstead Society, the CRA and Telford Homes.

Third day of Public Inquiry announced. NB Venue confirmed.

A newsletter detailing the key points regarding the second and third schemes for Chepstow which are to be considered at a Public Inquiry.

Minutes/notes of the meeting between the CRA and the Wanstead Society to discuss agree the joint strategy regarding the Public Inquiry for Chepstow schemes 2 and 3 (3398/08 and 2393/09).

Routine meeting of the CRA Committee. Minutes.

A notice from Redbridge confirming the date and venue for the joint Public Inquiry for the second and third Chepstow schemes (3398/08 and 2393/09 respectively).

A letter to the Planning Inspectorate complaining about the wording of the refusal for Chepstow Scheme 3 (2393/09) and an outline of the CRA views of Scheme 2 (3398/08) and Scheme 3.

Routine meeting of the CRA Committee. Minutes.

A newsletter detailing the refusal by Redbridge Regulatory Committee of the third scheme for Chepstow (2393/09) and an appeal to the Regional Planning Inspectorate by Telford regarding the second Chesptpw scheme (3398/08).

A notice from Redbridge Planning detailing the appeal for the second application for Chepstow.