The Counties Residents' Association

Protecting the interests of the community.

Planning application for 1 Reydon Avenue. Ref 1107/06

First floor side extension.

Objections by 19/4/06.
Link to Redbridge i online planning service here


An email to Redbridge Conservation Officer requesting a Conservation Area be granted.

A notice from Redbridge Planning advising that the planning application for 22a Gloucester Road 0489/06 had been refused.

A letter from Councillor Allan Burgess expressing concerns about the unapproved occupany pattern and cleanliness of 22a Gloucester Road in relation to the planning application 0489/06. The letter also mentions an appeal on another planning allication for 22a Gloucester Road 1731/06.

Planning application for 47 Leicester Road. Ref 0644/06.

Demolition of house and garage and the construction of a new eight apartment building with single bedroom house.

Objections by 31/3/06.
Link to Redbridge i online planning service here

Refused locally

A letter of reply from Redbridge Planning to Councillor Allan Burgess regarding the supporting evidence of the appeal for planning application 22a Gloucester Road 1731/06.

A notice from Redbridge Planning regarding planning application at 22a Gloucester Road (0489/06).

Planning application for 22a Gloucester Road. Ref 0489/06.

New dwelling.

Objections by 15/3/06.
Link to Redbridge i online planning service here

Refused locally
Refused on appeal.

Planning application drawings for 22a Gloucester Road (0489/06).

An email from Councillor Allan Burgess to Redbridge Planning expressing concerns over the supporting evidence for the appeal on 22a Gloucester Road 1731/05.