The Counties Residents’ Association (CRA) is a non-party-politcal and non-sectarian organisation, founded in 2006, which represents the interests of the residents of the Counties Estate and neighbouring roads in Wanstead, London. The area served by the CRA consists of:-

  • Buckingham Road
  • Gloucester Road
  • Hereford Road
  • Leicester Road
  • Nutter Lane
  • Preston Drive
  • Reydon Avenue
  • Rutland Road
  • Warwick Road

The objectives of the CRA are:-

  • to conserve the harmonious and homogeneous nature of the area
  • to monitor planning applications
  • to foster a sense of community spirit
  • to provide an organised liaison with other community associations (for example Neighbourhood Watch
  • to provide a louder and more organised “voice” of the community with governmental bodies

The CRA whilst requiring of its members a nominal membership fee, is a not-for-profit organisation.