This website is primarily a collection of dated postings like a bulletin board with links to the letters, emails etc relating to the post.

Apart from being dated, a┬ápost is also assigned to a category and “tagged” with the subject. A category is a heirarchical system indicating the type of post (ie a newspaper article, a letter etc). A tag simply indicates the subject matter of the post (ie a particular planning application, the post author etc). A post can belong to more than one category and be attributed with more than one tag.

The category “tree” is displayed by the menu beneath the CRA logo at the top of the page, whilst the tags are displayed on the right hand side of the webpage.

By default the main CRA website displays a simple date ordered listing of posts (there are hundreds!). To find the information you are interested in you can click on any single category title or tag name and the website will then only display the matching posts (again in date order).

More useful is the ability to search on intersections and multiple entities, for example all outgoing letters relating to Chesptow (ie category=”outgoing letters” AND tag=”Chepstow”). This feature is coming soon!

In addition to “posts”, this website also features “pages”, the main difference between the two being the latter is not date related. Pages are similarly heirarchical and are located at the top right hand side of the CRA logo.