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The London Borough of Redbridge’s response to the CRA letter complaining about the decision to approve the planning application for 56 Preston Drive 2220/16.

An email from the London Borough of Redbridge Planning Enforcement Department regarding unauthorised work being undertaken at 50 Buckingham Road.

An email with initial proposals for the use of the £5000 Section 106 funds from the Chepstow development for the enhancement of Buttercup Field.

An email from Commander Sue Williams responding to WaSRA’s letter supporting the retention of Wanstead Police Station.

An email from John Cryer MP regarding his efforts to retain Wanstead Police Station.

An email from the Rebridge Regulatory Committee Chair justifying the wording used for the refusal of Chepstow Scheme 3 (2393/09).

An email to the Councillors who sit on the Redbridge Regulatory Committee identifying that the bulk of objections to the third scheme for Chepstow (2393/09) were made prior to the amendment to the scheme.

Various emails and letters in response to our press release on the PPS15 consultation.

An email acknowledging receipt of copies of the CRA’s response to the PPS15 consultation.

An email from Councillor Christopher Cummins suggesting that there is no need for an additional CAP meeting; the seperate reports from the various bodies is better.