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A Press Release from WaSRA regarding plans to partially close beds in the rehabilitation wards at Wanstead Hospital.

A CRA press release covering the approval of the fourth scheme for 49 Leicester Road (Chepstow) 2740/10.

The Government’s Regional Planning Inspectorate has dismissed (rejected) Telford’s appeal for BOTH the Art Deco and the Arts and Crafts based schemes. See the following documents for more details:-  Inspector’s Decision Report Inspector’s Cost Decision Report CRA Press Release

The CRA Website upgrade is now complete and all old/existing documentation has been ported over from the old site. Work continues (as it always will) to make the information more accessible.

A CRA press release expressing concerns over the proposals in PPS15.

CRA Press Release regarding unauthorised work at Chepstow ahead of Regulatory Committee decision.

A CRA Press Release asking with the Regulatory Committee will follow the recommendations of the Conservation Advisory Panel and refuse permission for the second planning application for Chepstow.

A CRA Press Release questioning whether the delays in the granting of Conservation Area status for the Counties Estate is deliberate to ease the passing of the second scheme for Chepstow.

A CRA press release complaining about the slow processing of the Conservation Area designation for the Counties and/or Grove Estates.