Day 3 of the Chepstow Public Inquiry in which the second and third schemes by Telford Homes are being considered (3398/08 and 2393/09 respectively) was much faster paced than the first two days. In addition to hearing from the remaining third parties (Wanstead Society and the CRA), Redbridge’s second and final witness (Julie Williams) and Telford’s first witness (Chris Hicks) were also fully processed.

Early “housekeeping” issues would seem to have finally put to bed the matter of whether the Wanstead Grove Conservation Area was legally designated – it was as it turned out (phew)!

The Wanstead Society spoke first and were repesented by both Marian Temple and Roger Estop with the latter being quite extensively cross examined by Telford. Next it was the CRA’s turn represented by Malcolm Dowers who was cross examined by both sides given our split stance (against scheme 2, for scheme 3). Apparently some in Redbridge Planning believe the Counties Estate has routes as far back as “medieval times” which was news to us. We pointed out that the earliest building on our patch is Applegarth which is 17th century.

Redbridge’s second and final witness gave evidence in general support for Redbridge’s case, ie in support of the grounds for refusal of each scheme. Much was made by the Telford camp that no mention of English Heritage’s stance regarding the schemes was included in their evidence.

Telford’s first (of three) witnesses gave evidence primarily on the basis of procedure. The CRA’s efforts to secure a redesign of the houses (scheme 3) were welcomed and reported by him as being “more successful” than those on scheme 2 (whilst saying scheme 2 houses were still acceptable in his opinion). Cross examination and re-examination followed, including some questions from the CRA as to whether English Heritage had approved scheme 2, or rather (as we suggest) delegated further decision to the local Conservation Officers.

Day 4 is scheduled for 9.30am on Thursday 27/5/10 again in the Council Chamber with an indication that it will run for as long as is needed to fully hear Telford’s remaining two witnesses and to “round table” discuss the conditions.

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