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A report from the CRA Treasurer into the current financial position of the CRA.

A report from the CRA Treasurer into the current financial position of the CRA.

The issue of Conservation Status for the Counties Estate has been one that has been muted several times over the years. Following the formation of the CRA in 2006, the Area 1 Committee of Redbridge suggested we formally request consideration be given to our area. To that end the Wanstead Society and the CRA jointly submitted a representation for “our patch”, together with The Avenue and Grove Park, to be treated as a Conservation Area (Area 1 added to this list Grosvenor Road).

Having not been able to find resources from with the general Redbridge Planning and Regeneration budget to undertake a study, Area 1 voted to use its discretionary budget to fund the appointment of an external consultant during Q1 2008. After a preliminary draft in Q2 2008, the final report was presented back to Area 1 and the Conservation Advisory Panel in Q1 2009.

In summary the report recommended Conservation Area status be granted to Warwick Road, Hereford Road, their side of Leicester Road, the CRA end of Grosvenor Road and a small portion of Buckingham Avenue. This recommendation has been supported by the Conservation Advisory Panel and Area 1 Committee (both with recommendations for all the areas of the initial study to be included) with the final decision by the Chief Officer and Council Member for Planning and Regeneration.

At the Area 1 Committee meeting on 23/3/2009, Councillor Peter Goody responded to questions regarding the current status of the Conservation Issue with the following statements:-

  1. He and the Chief Officer had that day signed off on the Conservation Area – see the plan here.
  2. The requirements in terms of building design, fabric etc have immediate effect.
  3. Conservation criteria was utilised by the Conservation Advisory Panel in their report to the Regulatory Committee regarding the acceptability of the Chepstow planning application by Telford Homes (Ref 3398/08).


The CRA intend to produce a fact sheet for its members to detail what is allowed and what is not in a conservation area; what permission is required for and what isn’t. We also plan to invite someone from Redbridge to our AGM (30/6/09 @ the Cricket Club) to respond to Conservation questions from our members.

A response to the draft report by the external consultants into the merits of the Counties and/or Grove Estates for designation as a Conservation Area.

A report by the CRA to Area 1 supporting the request for the granting of Conservation Area status.