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*****End March*****
The Council’s consultation has gone live. You should have received a consultation pack (if you’re inside the proposed zone) or a letter/map (if you’re outside). A WaSRA newsletter is being distributed over the next week with their thoughts (CRA is a member of WaSRA) and the CRA are providing both a second newsletter targeted at our local aspects, together with a copy of the Council’s questionnaire. All items have been added to the document links below and more info is available at

Wanstead Parking 2017 – The Story So Far
It all started in 2015 when the Council conducted a borough wide online survey, together with three informal Q&A sessions, regarding parking. This led to the LBR Parking Strategy 2015-2020 which states they received just over 3000 (three thousand) responses (<1% of Redbridge’s population) and resulted in three aims:-
  • Parking policy that supports local businesses
  • Fair and consistent parking charges across the Borough; and
  • Maintaining road safety.
NB only 40% of those respondents suggested that they had a commuter parking problem in their area.
In December 2016 LBR announced their intention to impose parking restrictions in a 2km² area around Wanstead High Street broadly consisting of Pay and Display parking on the High Street with Resident’s Parking Schemes everywhere else. The whole area would roughly cover a triangle formed by joining the Green Man Roundabout, to the Eagle Public House to Redbridge Roundabout, which excludes any Counties Estate Roads!
This lead to an extensive campaign against the plan by the CRA and WaSRA, together with groups from the Warren Estate and a petition centred around the High Street. The CRA, under the guise of WaSRA, sought a meeting with the Cabinet Councillor John Howard, supported by an LBR highways officer, during which we criticised the concept, evidence and implementation of such a scheme. Other groups held similar meetings and the Council held two open forum meetings at Wanstead Library.
Apart from the general objection to the scheme, the greatest concern was the total lack of consultation the Council had undertaken. The CRA added to this view the suggestion that because the basis for the bulk of the plan was anticipated displacement from the Pay and Display parking, displacement which didn’t seem likely, that any rollout of such a scheme should be undertaken in phases only if displacement actually did occur. At this time the CRA in conjunction with the Wanstead Society, composed and distributed a WaSRA newsletter throughout Wanstead.
The CRA and others attended the Cabinet Meeting and the Council Meeting in January which resulted in the Council capitulating to demands for a full consultation. The scheme which was to already be in force by now was put on hold and a “gold standard” consultation was promised with a rough timeline of consult in March/April and implement in May/June.
The CRA continued its pressure on the Council by attending the next Cabinet and Council Meetings in February – the latter taking a legal challenge against the Council before we were permitted to attend. In these meetings we presented two deputations, one with practical concerns regarding the scheme and the other with budgetary concerns. The latter, being a full council meeting, was more eventful, but both can be listened to (with failing audio unfortunately) at the following weblinks:-
At the time of writing the consultation is awaited, but despite the promise of a “gold standard” consultation, our concern is that the Council will simply consult on their much criticised current plan. Full details of our letters and questions/deputations to Council are listed below:-
Preliminary Documents
December 2016 Plan Documents
Campaign for Consultation Documents
CRA Statement to January Cabinet 10/1/17 (Unscripted)
March/April 2017 Consultation Documents
WaSRA Validation Request Letter
CRA Parking Report
CRA Parking Report Issue Letter
CRA Gathered Questionnaires Issue Letter – coming soon

A statement by Barts Health NHS Trust regarding the temporary closure of the Phlebotomy Service at Wanstead Hospital.

A letter received from the Eton Manor Rugby Club advising of a summer outdoor cinema event and other matters.

A letter from the NHS to WaSRA responding to the concerns of the partial closure of beds within the rehabilitation wards at Wanstead Hospital.

A letter from the London Borough of Redbridge confirming the extent of the corner double yellow lines to be painted on the junctions within the Counties Estate.

A letter from the London Borough of Redbridge acknowledging receipt of the petition to retain Wanstead Police Station and detailing the action LBR will take as a result.

A letter from the London Borough of Redbridge acknowledging a petition to save Wanstead Police Station from closure and confirming that a full council debate will be held to discuss the situation on 20/9/12.

A letter from E C Harris LLP inviting the CRA to consult on the flood risks at the Eagle Pond at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

A letter from Telford Homes Plc advising that the construction works on the Chepstow site will start shortly.

A letter from NHS London following our letter expressing our concerns regarding the proposed NHS reforms.